Chest measurement: Place the measuring tape under your arms and wrap it around your back and chest. Ideally, the tape should be just above the beginning of your breast tissue and just below your arm pits. 

Tip: We know ya look good, but try not flex or tense up when you are measuring. Make sure you are relaxed and breathing normally for the most accurate and natural reading. 

Don't look down at the tape to take your measurement. Find a mirror to view your reading to; looking down may cause the tape to slip.

The goal is to find the measurement for the largest part of your chest not including much breast tissue; this is usually above the nipples. 

Tip: Always round your number up if your measurement happens to read at any fraction less than 1/2".

Example: If you measurement reads 36 3/4", round up to 37". If your measurement reads 36 1/4", round up to 36 1/2". Do not round down. 

Shoulder width: Place the measuring tape at the point of one of your shoulders. Then stretch the tape to the point of your other shoulder. Don't wrap the measuring tape all the way around your shoulders for this measurement--just point to point.

Tip: Try to stand up straight, and adjust your posture so that your shoulders aren't hunched, but are still relaxed.

Still not sure what size you will fit best? Want a personalized sizing suggestion? Our support team is here to help! Feel free to shoot us an email at, including the specific measurements from the guide photos below, and we will get back to you ASAP with what size we think you will fit best. :+) If for any reason the size we recommend doesn’t fit, we are happy to cover the cost of sending you a new one! <3